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Our vision of the future is to further reinforce our market-leading position by staying ahead of the developments in the industry. To continue offering top quality new products at cost-effective rates, matched by the highest standards of service.

To provide personalized service to our long standing clients even as we expand and grow into new markets and regions in the Middle East and North Africa. We also aim to balance our supply base by working with manufacturers from emerging markets as well as developed economies.

Our philosophy


Our philosophy is simple. We channel our resources and expertise towards providing the best products and services to our existing and new partnerships, we endeavour to implement industry best-practices for our clients and markets, and finally, we constantly aim to adopt and implement new strategies, ideas and innovation in improving our business processes.

To build enduring and long-term business relationships with our clients has been a guiding principle of our business. Our clients rely on us not only for continuous price, product and service advantages but also for customised and niche products that can't be sourced through anyone else.

Our key business principles through the years have been integrity, accountability and efficiency.